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Coleman Gladis is a film and television director from Philadelphia. He has produced, directed, and composed scores for feature films, music videos, and television commercials since arriving in Los Angeles in 2008. Recent production work includes the Broken Lizard Production of Freeloaders and ABC’s The Bachelor. In 2013, he completed his third season in production of AMC’s Mad Men. He is currently the lead creative at Blue Dragonfly Pictures.

I’m a filmmaker working in Los Angeles and Philadelphia.


Together, you and I are one-in-a-billion unique and untold stories.


Most days I feel anything but special. I’m a man trying to make sense of this world with a camera.


I remember watching my father's purple scarf, the one he always wore on commercial shoots, catching the wind as he directed his crew.


Dad was a talented and rising director before mom was diagnosed with ALS. He had to give up filmmaking to care for her full-time.


That purple scarf is the reason I tell stories.


It boils down to freedom. A free imagination is boundless.


Freedom came the day I realized my story was mine to create.


Creation is freedom exercised; the purpose of my story is contribution.


When I am being of service, I feel special. When I am lifting you up, I feel special. When I am creating possibilities for the world, I feel special.


Let’s create a new possibility together. Let’s make our dreams as real as stone — and then dream farther.  


Let’s create a meaningful world together.   

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